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Clean and disinfect hygienically? Choose PUxx upholstery!

Hygiene has become an important topic everywhere this year due to the Covid-19 virus. Cleaning is been done now more frequently and thoroughly, and all kinds of disinfectants are used to kill bacteria. Many even use hand alcohol to "disinfect everything quickly". Doing this only once doesn't matter. But now that we have been disinfecting a lot for a long time, the upholstery of chairs and stools is suffering. Would you like to receive more information about this?

Read more about the importance of hygiene, disinfection and PUxx® in the Score blog

In particular, PVC-based synthetic leathers such as vinyl are not suitable for regular cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents based on chlorides, alcohol, acids, etc. If these agents are being used for a longer time, the material dries out, hardens and finally tears.

Score PUxx® upholstery is ideal for environments with high hygiene requirements. This upholstery is resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants based on chlorine, 70% alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.
So choose Score PUxx® upholstery and benefit until the end of the year from your:

Free upgrade to PUxx®1

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