Step: 1Upholstery

Make a choice in material and colour below.

Step: 2Options

Fixed seat angle
Balance Adjustable

The adjustable Balance mechanism promotes active sitting. The user moves the weight then "moves along the saddle making, as it were" teetering "on the seat. Back muscles are trained and strengthened. The action is set in a more or less complete mobility s

360° Support, rotatable back/ armrest

360° rotatable armrest/backrest that is easy to move out of the way. For supporting one or both arms, can also be used as a back support. Please note: the 360° Support arm/backrest is an accessory for the basic models Score Saddle Line and Medical Line st

Aluminium base ∅ 54 cm
Alu. base round en smooth ∅ 50 cm
Alu. base round en smooth ∅ 60 cm
Soft Swivel castorsø 65 mm

Suitable for hard floor surfaces

Hard Swivel castorsø 65 mm

Suitable for carpets

Trumpet glides
Footring ∅ 45 cm
Height adjustment by foot
Low (mid 25), seat height: 49-63 cm

See Saddle stools: choose the correct height! under the section Ergonomics for the importance of choosing the correct height and more specific guidelines.

Standard (mid31), Seat height 59-77 cm
Hoog (Mid38), zithoogte 63-88 cm

For persons with a length above 190 cm. See Which saddle chair is the best fit for you? under the section Ergonomics to find a more detailed guideline.

Step: 3Summary

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The Jolly seat has large recesses, allowing your legs to be almost straight when they reach the floor whilst providing great support to your pelvis. This makes the Jolly a beneficial aid for standing desks.

Experience the benefits of a Score saddle chair. The ergonomic shape of the Score saddle chair helps your body adopt an open posture so you can work in a comfortable and healthy way. The high sitting position means that you maintain the health benefits associated with standing- not standing up, whilst also enjoying the advantages of the stability and comfort provided by a traditional seated posture. The secret lies in the open hip angle created by the saddle. This angle automatically aligns the spinal vertebrae, neck and head in a healthy, vertical position. An open hip angle of approximately 135° is optimal. This so-called “neutral posture” minimizes the strain on your muscles and spinal column. An open posture also promotes optimal breathing and ensures better blood circulation and digestion. The specific shape of the saddle chair increases your mobility. Straddling the saddle , with your legs spread slightly, makes it easy to roll back and forth, for example to reach for something. As you only use your legs, you relieve your back.

Work surface height:90-100 cm
Height adjustment:61 - 86 cm
  • Available in different heights

Saddle Chairs

Experience the comfort of a saddle stool. The ergonomically shaped saddle seat ensures a correct sitting position while your feet are firmly on the ground. Due to the saddle shape, your spine comes into a position that leads to less fatigue. You are also very flexible on the saddle stool and can easily roll on it from one place to another. Score saddle stools are available in three different seat shapes.

The jumper for a wider fit and the Amazon for a narrower fit. Score offers an additional "balance" mechanism for Jumper, Amazon and Jolly. The saddle chairs Jumper, Amazon and the Jolly are also available with the unique Score Balance mechanism.

The sophisticated mechanism ensures that the Score saddle moves towards the center of gravity of the upper body when the user adjusts his position. The position of the pelvic vertebrae remains in balance and pressure points, e.g. on the inner thighs and pubis are relieved. This makes sitting on the already comfortable saddle seat even more comfortable.

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